Thandi Ntuli with Carlos Niño -  Rainbow Revisitedd (Vinyl LP)

Thandi Ntuli with Carlos Niño - Rainbow Revisitedd (Vinyl LP)

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I travelled to Los Angeles and the USA for the first time in 2019. Although I had not met Carlos in person, we connected via Instagram where he saw a video of me playing a piano motif (titled ‘The One’ in this sequence) that he really liked and expressed a wish to record. This was around 2017. We tried a few times to get me over to Los Angeles, but the timing was always off. Through a performance organised by a creative collective called The Nonsemble at The Ford Theatre we finally got the opportunity to meet, play together and subsequently go into studio to record some improvisations as he guided the recording process.

Having been aware of some of his work – in particular his collaborative projects as Carlos Niño & Friends, as well as with his friend and long-time collaborator, Miguel Atwood-Ferguson – I knew that, with Carlos as producer, the artistic direction of the album would likely take me to a place I’d never considered going. A fact that had me both curious and terrified (as one tends to be when stepping into the unknown) Lol!

released November 17, 2023

Thandi Ntuli: Piano, Synthesizer, Tongo, Voice
Carlos Niño: Cymbals, Percussion, Plants

Recorded by Andy Kravitz at Studio 4 West, Venice Beach, California, August 2019.

Additional Recording by Carlos Niño.
Produced and Mixed by Carlos Niño.
Mastered by David Allen and Dave Vettraino.

Cover Art by Shabaka Hutchings.
Poem by Thandi Ntuli.
Insert Photo by Thandi Ntuli.
Graphic Design and Layout by Craig Hansen.

Thandi’s Thank You’s:
My gratitude to you Carlos for conceiving and believing. For your
humanity and enthusiasm. All the years that this album was in the
making, and still so excited about it, if not more-so now. Scottie
and David of International Anthem for your care and unrelenting
belief in this project. It is an honour to be in partnership with you.
Thank you, as well, to Shabaka for your contribution and energy
by means of the artwork. I am so glad we were able to have your
voice included in such a beautiful and fitting way.

To Umdali… Always in all ways, I remain committed to Love
and being in service of you.

To all those who come before me, in my lineage, in
consciousness, in deeds and musically. And to all those who
have just arrived and are still to come, who keep us hoping,
striving, and dreaming.


To all who receive this music and complete the circle by giving
this work meaning, thank you!

And finally, to Graeme… I dedicate my contribution to this
album to Dr Graeme Gilfillan who left us just when we
concluded the final details of the album. Like I’d always say to
you “not all heroes wear capes”. May you be welcomed by a
great party of all the artists you fought for whilst you walked on
this earth. There aren’t enough thank you-s for what you have
done for me and how you have empowered me. Thank you for
walking the walk and being a real one!

Kuyosala izibongo.
Ayabonga amaPhemba, nabo bonke abahamba nami!

Till we meet again.

Carlos's Thank You's:
Thandi, what an Honor and Joy to make this Album
with You, Scottie McNiece, Francesca and Cosmo,
David Allen, Alejandro Ayala, International Anthem,
Andy Kravitz, the Wizard, Studio 4 West, The World Stage,
Alex Kelman, Third Side Music, Jason Sugars, Kali Malikah,
Greg Paul, David Otis, Ken Barrientos, Siya Makuzeni,
Shabaka Hutchings, Abdullah Ibrahim / Dollar Brand,
Townhouse Venice, Louie & Netty Ryan, Novena Carmel,
Alix Fisher, Nate Mercereau, Banch Abegaze, Jesse Peterson,
Travis Lett, Jason Lader, Aaron Wiggs, Laraaji,
Claudia Niño, Je Stabenau, Annelise and Mossy . . .