Windsurfer - Reflexivity 1 (Ltd. Ed. Vinyl LP)

Windsurfer - Reflexivity 1 (Ltd. Ed. Vinyl LP)

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Reflexivity 1 – Windsurfer

What’s music? What’s a record? What’s a cover of a record? And what’s a photo of a cover of a record? In everyday life we take many things for granted as we get used to them. Due to routine and out of habit we even often cannot imagine other ways of how things are being done or perceived than those we are familiar with. With the Reflexivity Series we pose questions that probably can’t be answered in a definitive way. Possible answers will vary from individual to individual. But isn’t this the case with almost everything in life? However, we hope that the mere fact of posing questions and switching perspectives might result in some valuable insights or at least a few moments of fruitful, intriguing mental traveling.

Windsurfer’s music stems from an appetite for electronic sounds; sounds that get mixed organically with percussion while still wearing signs of a certain human touch on their surface. Imagine ample atmospheric patterns characterized by a certain slow but steady constancy, which in turn gets questioned only occasionally by subtle irregularities. And while you listen, the minutes pass by, and as time flies you are slowly being led to another point than the one where you’ve been in the beginning of the song. The basis of all this is mere repetition. Similar to driving up a pass in the mountains you’ll get the feeling that you approach the top too slowly. But there is no straight way up! And as the car makes its curves you look out of the window and see the same countryside passing by – again and again – the air is hot – And while the top gets closer and closer you forget that your listening to music until it slows down. And as it finally stops you suddenly notice that 10 minutes vanished. Welcome to the “Sumer Inn”, welcome to the music of Windsurfer.

The Sumer Inn
Den Wind Als Motor
Del Kool 2

Black 12" vinyl (180g), gatefold packaging
Edition of 300