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Format: 2×12”LP 180g Vinyl

Release Date: 28 January 2021

Catalogue No.: LAW009

Genre: Soulful House, Deep House

Label: Laminar Wavy Records

G. E. N. U. F. L. E. X. I. O. N is undoubtedly a soul-filled album packed with a variety of powerful grooves, melodies and voicing as well as ample jazz influenced compositions that makes it unique, timeless and compact. With new sounds in a structure of coherent melodies, harmonies, powerful grooves and pleasant arrangements, this album defines the beauty of soulful and deep house music. The entire album was recorded at Laminar Wavy Studios in Johannesburg.

The new songs are inspired by great life changing events in Nini’s life and in the lives of those close to him. However, through hope, determination and dedication, Nini still reached the point where the texture of the music matched his imagination so that it sends an uplifting message to people.  “I felt a need to show a gesture of deep respect for this God given gift called “hope” and genuflect to depict my appreciation of this gift” – Nini Maluks added. MORE IN STORE INSIDE THIS GATEFOLD SLEEVE.

Nini Maluks describes this masterpiece as an album about his expressions and interpretation, about walking through change and about a daily hope that’s burning brightly for all of us. “For me it was important to present a collection of my musical thoughts that builds in energy and introduces a twist “– Nini Maluks said. The legendary Vinny Da Vinci, director at House Afrika, applauded the productions on this album. He said, “This album is beautifully crafted tunes all round backed with top production. It’s FIRE!!!” Troye Lilley, the man behind the album mastering said, “Every track on this album is fantastic! Musical and jazzy and deep. What more can you ask for?”

Pascale Yav, singer and songwriter has high hopes for this album. She said, “Sometimes the best way to express the similarity in our experiences, whether good or bad, is through songs. This album does that. It is impossible to write songs about hope and not be hopeful. “A

  • Double (2×12″) LP vinyl
  • 180 gram audiophile vinyl
  • Full colour Gatefold Sleeve
  • 8 full tracks (two per side)
  • 64 mins of brand new timeless music
  • Premium 12″ polylined inner sleeves
  • Genre: Soulful House, Jazz, Deep House
  • Label: Laminar Wavy Records
  • Catalogue No.: LAW009