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P&S 200 Cork Rubber Record Mat

P&S 200 Cork Rubber Record Mat


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Our P&S 200 cork and rubber turntable mat is a higher end option for audiophiles looking to upgrade from our very own cork mat or the stock mats provided with their turntables.
Made using the very best cork/rubber composite available. Each mat is hand sanded on the vinyl facing side with the centre area recessed to accommodate the label in order to enhance contact between the record and the mat. It really is a thing of beauty.
Like our P&S 100 the cork will avoid static load, dampen and absorb unwanted vibrations particularly on steel and lightweight turntable platters, due to its highly non-resonant properties.
Further more you can expect an improved dynamic range with a tighter more defined bass response. More definition in the midrange with a much cleaner high frequency
presentation.The sound stage will have a superior depth and instrument placement within the mix will be more focused.
Specifications :
Material: Cork and rubber composite
Thickness: 4mm thick
Outer Diameter: 295mm
Inner Diameter: 7mm
I recently had the privilege of listening to both Parsley Sons turntable mats and I was very impressed by both. I believe both have major advantages and offer substantial upgrades to normal and advanced turntable users alike.Good value and performance (especially that new addition, rubber and cork). >> Wayne

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